Long before the last campers packed up their bags and departed the Shaker Road School Summer Session, our teachers had already put the finishing touches on their classrooms in anticipation of welcoming students back for the 2017-2018 academic year. Although school officially starts on September 5th, families have an opportunity to check out classrooms and meet teachers during our annual Meet-and-Greet. It’s always exciting to see how much students have grown in only a few, short months, re-connect with old friends, and get back to a familiar routine. Just looking at the September calendar, one gets the idea that this year will be packed with activities and exciting events!

After a few days readjusting to earlier bed times and new class schedules, the Seventh and Eighth Graders will head off for their trips to the White Mountains and the Leadership Retreat. The Sixth Graders follow a week later to The Ecology School on the coast of Maine. The PTG picnic, fall soccer, robotics, athletic team pictures, and Grandparents’ Day wrap up a busy September. Glancing ahead, it’s hard to imagine how we can pack so much into only ten months of school.

I encourage you to attend as many events as possible during the year to truly learn all that SRS offers to our students and families. In my role as Principal, I have the good fortune to watch the progression of learning and talent from Pre-Kindergarten through Ninth Grade. The transformation is tremendous and all too fast. Don’t blink!

So, before life gets too busy this fall, take the school calendar and sync key events with your phone. Pop in to any event you wantif your children are young, take time to discover the amazing talents in middle school. Bring your children to see their path for future projects and leverage their interest in the “big kids.” If your children are older, take them on a nostalgic trip and support the budding talents of our elementary students. All students love support from their peers, and our community grows stronger with every event.

Enjoy the last few days of summer, and I look forward to seeing you on the first day of school!

Matt Hicks
Matt Hicks, Principal