While most Middle School students were having a typical Tuesday, two students waited anxiously for the announcement of the winners of the 2023 Scholastic Art Awards. I received notification early before school started and couldn’t wait to see my Eighth Grade class to give our two students the exciting news that they both received awards.

The mission of the Scholastic Art Awards is to foster creativity in students from seventh through twelfth grade nationally. In New Hampshire, approximately 2,500 works were submitted and out of these around forty percent received some recognition with either a Gold Key, a Silver Key, or Honorable Mention. Only a handful of eighth graders are recognized each year.

Evie R., who was reluctant to even enter, received a Gold Key for her photograph titled After Game. Evie’s photograph will be automatically considered for national awards and, if selected, will be showcased in NYC this summer.

After Game by Evie R., Photography, Gold Key

Chloe S. received a Silver Key for her mixed media piece, All About Me, and an Honorable Mention for her pen and ink drawing of New York City.

All About Me by Chloe S., Mixed Media, Silver Key

New York City by Chloe S., Pen and Ink, Honorable Mention

It was also exciting to see three alums receive awards for their work as they continue to create art in high school.

Emma L. (SRS ’19)—a senior at Coe-Brown Northwood Academy—won a Silver Key and an Honorable Mention for two of her works:

Midsommar by Emma L., Drawing, Silver Key

Mr. Worldwide by Emma L., Drawing, Honorable Mention

Avery S. (SRS ’21)—a sophomore at Bishop Brady High School—received a Gold Key and Honorable Mention for two of her works:

Avery S., Painting, Gold Key

Mask by Avery S., Honorable Mention

Maggie S. (SRS ’22)—a freshman at The Derryfield School—received a Silver Key for her drawing titled From Above (also the winner of Shaker Road School’s 2022 Keegan A. Orzechowski Memorial Art Award) and two other Silver Keys for photography.

From Above by Maggie S., Drawing, Silver Key

Plastic Euphoria by Maggie S., Photograph, Silver Key

Waiting by Maggie S., Photograph, Silver Key

I am sure I can speak for the whole SRS community by saying how proud we are of them. Well done!

Barbara Morrison, Art Teacher