Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2022-2023 enrollment at Shaker Road School?

Enrollment at the entire school (infants through grade 9) for the 2022-2023 school year was 300.

Is SRS a religious school?
No. SRS does not have a religious affiliation. The school community welcomes students of all faiths and respects their differences.
Is the SRS student body diverse?
SRS welcomes families from various backgrounds and beliefs. We celebrate our individual differences and encourage our students to ask questions and learn from their peers about unique family traditions and new cultural experiences.
What is the typical class size?
In the Infant program, the class size is no more than nine students. In the Toddler Program, the class is limited to 15 students. In Pre-Kindergarten, the class ratio is 10:1.  In  Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, the average class size is 15. Middle School and Ninth Grade classes average 12 students per classroom.
Do Shaker Road School students and teachers use technology in the classroom?

Yes. SRS has wireless network coverage throughout the campus. Students in all grades use computers, smart boards, and other forms of hardware and software. In the Fifth Grade, each student is required to purchase a laptop or tablet for use during the school year. Students  also have access to fully equipped computer labs with desktop computers and attend technology classes on a weekly basis.

At what time does the school day begin and end?

Children in our Infant, Toddler, and Pre-Kindergarten Programs can be dropped off as early as 7:00 AM and picked up until 5:30 PM. The Kindergarten through Fourth Grade school day begins at 8:30 AM. Children may arrive for Early Care beginning at 7:00 AM.  The school day ends at 3:30 PM. Families may utilize our after school programs until 5:30 PM.

The Middle School and Ninth Grade day begins at 8:30 AM. It is recommended that Middle School students be on campus no later than 8:00 AM in order to prepare for the day. Students may arrive at school any time after 7:00 AM and may stay on campus until 5:30 PM. The Middle School and Ninth Grade day ends at 3:45 PM. Middle School students may participate in our after school program until 5:30 PM. Most SRS athletic team practices and extracurricular activities take place immediately after school.

What do students wear to school?
SRS students do not wear uniforms. The dress code for students considers modesty and comfort, and allows for individual expression.
Are lunch and snacks provided?

No. SRS does not have a traditional cafeteria that supplies hot meals.  Students in all programs and grades should pack lunch, snacks, and beverages.

Are parents involved in the life of the school?

Yes! as much or as little as they wish and their time permits. SRS parents are welcome and encouraged to become active within our school community. Just a few of the many options to consider include: volunteering at athletic and performing arts events;  visiting your child’s classroom to talk about heritage, holidays, and customs; and volunteering on the Parent Teacher Group. Many families tell us they learn about the school and meet other parents by attending parent teacher group meetings.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

What are parent-teacher conferences?
Parent-teacher conferences are set up individually for parents to discuss specific academic or social progress.
When are parent-teacher conferences held?
Parent-teacher conferences for grades K-4 are held three times per year. They can be scheduled before, during or after school. Sign-up sheets are posted outside classroom doors two weeks prior to the meetings.

Parent-teacher conferences for Grades 5-9 are held in the middle of each trimester. They can be scheduled before, during or after school. Parents will receive notification to sign-up through their child’s advisor. Grade 5-9 conferences are held in the middle of the trimester to allow time for students to improve their grades if necessary before the end of the marking period.

School Closings

How will we know when school is closed?

The complete vacation and holiday schedule is posted online and on PowerSchool.

Are there days when school is not in session but childcare is still available?

Yes there are two different school closings:

  1. School is completely closed (calendar will read, SRS Closed)
  2. Classes are not in session but the school is still open for vacation camp and childcare (calendar will read “School Open, No Classes)
Does SRS have snow days?

SRS typically does not have snow days unless there is a State of Emergency.

Does my child have to come to school on a snow day?
We will run as close to a “normal” day as possible, but if you are not comfortable driving in poor weather conditions, we will ensure that your child quickly catches up on all work completed in his/her absence.
How will families be notified if school has to close unexpectedly?

We will notify families via the website, social media outlets, email, and/or text, as well as the local television and radio news stations.

School Vacation Weeks

When are the school vacation weeks?
For a complete list of closings, see view the calendar online. Typically, vacation weeks are in December, February, and April.
Can students attend during school vacation weeks?
Yes. We are open for childcare during school vacation weeks.
What activities are planned during school Vacation Camp?
Vacation Camp is designed to be fun and relaxing. Children play with their friends and do different activities such as arts and crafts and play outside. We will provide information outlining all activities for the week online, on social media, and in school fliers to all families ahead of time.
Are the hours the same during Vacation Camp?
Yes. Our hours of operation are the same, however, children may arrive late and/or leave early during these weeks unless they are on a planned off-campus trip.
Do we have to register for Vacation Camp?
There are some trips that have limited availability or occasions where we have to notify another facility how many students we will bring so we do require advanced registration.
How do we register?

Please call the main office to register.

What if we forget to register?
We can likely still accommodate you but some of the trips may be full and your child will have to stay on campus for onsite activities.
Are the Vacation Camp activities divided by age?
Different activities are set up for students in Grades 1-3 and 4-8.
Are there different activities for each of the three vacation weeks?
Yes. The activities will vary between weeks, depending on the weather and time of year.
Are trips ever cancelled? How will we know?
We have had to cancel trips due to weather or lack of attendance. We will try to provide advanced notice if a trip has to be cancelled via email or online.
Does my tuition cover care during school vacation weeks?
Yes. The only additional fees are for field trips or outside activity fees.
How do we pay for the activity fees?
We can take payments for Vacation Camp fees in the main office by check, cash or credit card.