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“SRS gave them the confidence to try new activities…because their time at SRS demonstrated that trying different things can be a very positive experience. Most importantly, SRS allowed them both to have a strong sense of self going into high school, along with a belief in demonstrating respect for all of their peers, regardless of how close or distant they were in their relationships to others.”


Maryellen and Craig R., Alumni Parents

“SRS has made it possible for us to be a full time working family and have our children thrive in a full school experience. The flexible hours and on-campus experiences combined with the great education and loving teachers it has been well beyond what we could have imagined. Shaker is a place that our children love to be and as parents we know when we drop them off they are safe and happy.


Tracey P., Current and Alumni Parent

“SRS does not just provide excellent academics, but a strong sense of community, as well. SRS is a family, so much so, that my two graduates have come back as camp counselors during summer camp. Another amazing strength of Shaker is all the opportunities and field trips offered outside of, or in support of, academics. Some of my kids’ greatest memories are the trips to D.C., AMC, leadership, etc. “


Erin L., Current and Alumni Parent

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Congratulations to Hannah Rothenberg (SRS `20) for being named "Player of the Week" at Dublin School, where she is the co-stage manager for the production of "Fiddler on the Roof."

In addition to her stellar work in the theatre, for the past three years Hannah has been a competitive crew member on the Dublin School sailing team and this spring marks her fourth year as a member of the crew team, on which she was made a stroker last year. Hannah is also head of the Jewish Student Union and a member of the crafting club. And if you know Hannah—our 2020 Bibliophile awardee—you won`t be surprised to hear that she continues to read a lot in her spare time!

Hannah has been accepted to the University of Vermont early admission and is waiting to hear back from other schools. Wherever she goes, she is planning to sail competitively in college.

Catch "Fiddler on the Roof" at Dublin School on March 1-3! Congratulations, Hannah! We are so proud of you!

#shakerroadschool #srsalumni

Hannah pictured on right.

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Thanks to Mrs. Potter for capturing this beautiful snow angel, and to the student who created it!


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“I have lost my closet key in my lady’s garden.” These are the lyrics to the song students sing during one of the popular games played in Mrs. Minsinger’s music classes.

“Closet Key” is a hot and cold finding game with a musical twist. One student hides a plastic key while another student—the seeker—waits outside the classroom door. Once the key is hidden, the seeker returns and starts looking for the key while the entire class provides help with their singing voices. As the seeker gets closer to the key, students sing louder and, conversely, as the seeker moves further away students sing more softly. Students take turns over the course of several weeks until everyone has had the chance to be a hider and a seeker. It’s a fun way for students to learn how to control the volume of their singing voices. Even our oldest students still request to play it!

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Kindergarten students celebrated the Lunar New Year by making paper dragons! #shakerroadschool #srskindergarten #lunarnewyear #kindergarten #yearofthedragon ...

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