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SRS Parent Testimonial

“Small classes allow teachers to work with each child’s strengths and weaknesses, letting them blossom both academically and socially.”


Erin L.

SRS Parent Testimonial

“Commitment to the arts at SRS doesn’t mean that students can’t be committed to other interests, like athletics or robotics and math team–the same kids who excel in those areas are often the ones singing, dancing, and acting.”


Ken and Alice S.

SRS Parent Testimonial

“After SRS, my children’s transition to high school was very smooth because of their preparedness to study independently, ability to exhibit strong study skills, and confidence to meet academic challenges.”


Chris S.

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Civil Rights Day at SRS

Since its inception, Shaker Road School has fostered a community that supports learning, acceptance, and tolerance. Shaker Road School’s first motto as a child care center—“Loving, Learning, Caring”—continues to guide the work we do with all families. Our...

Never be afraid to try something new

This winter, a small group of intrepid middle school students joined Shaker’s revamped competitive Nordic ski team. Many of these students had never cross-country skied before, and most had never raced. For those unfamiliar with the sport, it isn’t easy....

Courage and Self-Advocacy: Take the Plunge, the Thrill is Worth it

It's September, 2014. Student Government elections are just around the corner. Izzy Wang faces a tough decision. Does she take a leap and run for fifth grade representative, or play it safe and wait another year to run. She's excited about the idea of...

Kindness and Empathy

Over several years of discussing November’s citizenship theme, “kindness and empathy,” with my seventh and eighth grade students, I have come to understand a thing: kids who grow up knowing, experiencing, and practicing kindness and empathy can sometimes have trouble...

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