Dear Shaker Road School Families:

We continue to prepare for a range of possibilities regarding the novel coronavirus. As you know, this is a dynamic situation and requires constant attention. We receive frequent updates from local, state, and national public health officials and organizations. We are also thankful to our parents who are physicians and public health professionals who have offered their medical expertise. This is a new situation for all of us and requires cooperation and patience.

Since our last communication, the virus has spread rapidly across the country. Fortunately, the impacts in New Hampshire are minimal, though we expect that will change. Below is an update of steps taken since my last communication and potential actions as the situation evolves. Please understand that the rapidly changing nature of this situation makes it difficult to provide definitive information. Instead, we are planning for several scenarios and contingencies.

1) Travel and Exposure – Many of our community members travel for work and leisure. It is crucially important that you immediately inform us if you travel to any area seriously impacted by the spread of the novel coronavirus. This includes Level 2 or Level 3 identified countries and areas of the United States with widespread community transmission. This list is changing quickly. We appreciate your cooperation avoiding those areas and situations where you may be exposed to the virus. Should you or your family members be forced to self-isolate (quarantine), please communicate with the school immediately. We are working on an online form to help facilitate communication.

2) Cleaning and Sanitation – We have increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitization on campus, including utilizing teachers during the day. We have also purchased as many additional supplies as are available, including a commercial sprayer to more effectively and efficiently sanitize surfaces.

3) Calendar and Event Changes – Due to the outbreak, we have already taken the following measures and expect more to follow:

  • Cancellation of Eighth Grade class trip to D.C.
  • Cancellation of Fifth Grade trip to the Museum of Science
  • Cancellation of trip to Junior Service League production
  • Modification of science fair – more details to follow soon
  • Postponement of monthly school-wide Shaker Meeting
  • Postponement of the Pancake Breakfast

Please pay close attention for future emails from classroom teachers and the school.

4) Voluntary Home Study – As we anticipated, some parents are electing to keep their children home. This may be particularly important for students or their family members with compromised immune systems. Teachers are prepared to work with individual families in this case by providing lessons that can be completed at home and returned, in some fashion, to school for assessment.

5) Remote Learning – Teachers at all grade levels have been diligently working to create systems to facilitate distance learning. Middle school students and teachers are accustomed to this already and can quickly transition to an effective online environment.We are working in the primary and elementary grades to determine the best way for students to learn at home while also remaining in close communication with school. We understand that for our youngest students, much of the execution of the learning will fall to parents. Teachers will be in communication with families about plans for their classes.

6) Temporary School Closure – While we hope closing school does not happen, we understand the possibility and are taking necessary steps to continue to provide education for all students in grades K-9. Temporary closure could take a few forms including a very brief shutdown for cleaning or many days/weeks long closure in accordance with state or national directives.

As we all deal with this serious global situation, our focus is on the health and well-being of all members of the SRS family. We will continue to provide the highest quality education and care possible during this unprecedented and challenging time.


Matt Hicks, Principal