On Monday, we hosted the annual SRS Awards Ceremony for our sixth through eighth grade students. We recognized students in several categories – academics, citizenship, co-curricular involvement, school trips, peer recognition, and faculty recognition. Within the academic category, we recognized students for effort in addition to achievement (final grade point average). While some students win multiple achievement awards, our teachers truly focus on highlighting the effort awards to ensure our many hard working students at SRS are recognized.

The non-academic awards are vast, varied, and fun! Sports awards go to dedicated and positive team players; class trip awards to those who embrace the purpose of the adventure; citizenship awards to those who are actively involved at SRS and do so with a positive attitude. These awards celebrate the vital qualities of our positive school community.

This year, the outgoing eighth grade class offered something different than in years past. They CELEBRATED others’ successes. Rather than being envious of others winning awards, they cheered, hollered, clapped enthusiastically, and even gave a standing ovation to a deserving classmate as she received this year’s Faculty Award. This is what we strive to teach our students…appreciation, support, respect, and enthusiasm for the success of ourselves AND others.

We want our students to work hard, be exemplary citizens, and good friends. When the whistle blows to end the game, we want them to appreciate the competition, win or lose, and celebrate the winner’s victory without jealousy or scorn. Our students demonstrated this (and more) at Monday’s Awards Ceremony. They truly lived the SRS mission: fostering self-worth and respect for others.

Matt Hicks
Matt Hicks, Principal