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Across the country and around the globe, Shaker Road School graduates continue to build upon the strong education and values they learned as students. Because we have such a strong school community, we seek to maintain connections with our alumni months and years after they move on to the next stages of their lives.

We invite all graduates to return to campus whenever possible, whether they’re attending a school athletic event, stopping by to talk to a favorite teacher, answer questions for a group of highschool-bound students, or just to see what we’ve been up to lately. Our doors are always open, and we’re always curious to know about your recent accomplishments, and how you’re life is expanding in new directions.

Our alumni team is working to bring our graduates together through several new social events, so if you haven’t checked in to see your former classmates, teachers, or even the campus in a while, please consider connecting with us soon. And, be sure to check out our Alumni Spotlight below – and send us your recent stories so we can profile you!

We hope to hear from you soon!

Cathy Linden
Cathy Linden, Alumni Coordinator

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Featured Alumni Spotlight

SRS Alumni Studies Abroad in Denmark

Jamie Hodgson is a 2009 Shaker Road School graduate. She went to Tilton School graduating in 2014, and on to St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY. Jamie will enter her senior year in the fall of 2016. Jamie spent her spring semester in Denmark. She sent us this picture from Fredensborg Palace in Denmark, which was traditionally the main hunting castle used by the royal family, and is used as their “summer home” now.